Welcome Dr. Ed Boland!

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Starting in January, we will have a new face in our office. Dr. Ed Boland join us as he’s opening his practice and we are giving him office space, experience, and support to make sure he’s successful. His ultimate goal is to open his practice in North Augusta, at which time we will team with him to offer better care for more people in our area. Details to follow!

He is a graduate of West Point, and got his medical degree from MUSC in Charleston. He offers the full spectrum of primary care (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc) as well as special interests in interests all types of prevention, especially the treatment of obesity-associated diseases, tobacco use cessation, travel and dive medicine.

Go here to read Dr. Ed’s Website.

Watch My TEDx Talk About Better Health Care

Instead of being paid by insurance companies for codes and data, We are paid by our patients.  Our goals are the same as theirs: to keep them healthy, to use as few medications as possible, to avoid unnecessary care, and to save them time and money.  Because we are not paid more when patients are sick, I am not going to keep the office overflowing with patients.  Our goal is to be accessible so that problems can be handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Instead of waiting around for hours in an office full of sick people, our patients are seen rapidly, or even just handled via phone call or secure messaging.  We don't like to waste our time, so why should we force people to do the same? 

I was once greeted by a businessman at a meeting with a very true statement: "You're the doctor's office that makes sense."  Yes, we make sense in how we take care of people.  Good care doesn't have to be a hassle.  Try it out.  Very few folks who have joined the practice have left (and some who did came back fairly soon).  Once people have experienced real customer service in a medical office, they are forever spoiled and don't want to go back.

It is fun to see new patients' expressions when they come for their first visit.  We are so weird for a doctor's office!  We don't treat you rudely.  We talk like normal people.  We explain things to you if you don't understand.  We listen to what people say to us.  We explain what things are going to cost up front.  We try and save you money.  We smile and are generally happy with life.  Yes, we are very weird.  That's why our patients love us.

This is what I look like (most of the time)

My Lovely Office!

I am actually not black and white. This photo gives that impression, so I want to be clear on that to avoid confusion.

I am actually not black and white. This photo gives that impression, so I want to be clear on that to avoid confusion.