Should I Have Seen my Doctor for My Diabetes?

  • If you were not already scheduled for follow-up (or don't know if you are), call the office, listen to a message about dialing 911, and leave message asking when you need follow up.  Most doctors’ offices don’t check to see if patients need follow-up (even if they are significantly past-due) unless the person calls.
  • Nurse calls you back and gives answer.  If you need appointment, go to “making an appointment.” 
  • Since doctors are paid only to see people in the office, there is very little phone management of problems like diabetes because it takes time and initiative on the part of the doctor, so you will more than likely be told to come in.


This is completely different because:

  • I won't limit care to office visits.  I will expect regular communication about diabetes (blood pressure, or other chronic problems) from my patients.  Most of this communication can be done online or over the phone.  Since I am already paid, I have no motivation to bring people in to be seen unless it is necessary.
  • I will regularly review the charts of my patients to avoid people missing care they need.  This will make it unlikely that patients will get past due.
  • I will work to build and maintain a personal care plan for each of my patients (as part of their personal health record), giving a schedule for how often they need tests or need to be seen.  This will be available online.

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