Who is the Ideal Patient for Direct Care?

There are some people for which the business model of paying a predictable amount every month is very well suited.  The current payment system hurts people because it forces people to be seen for even small problems, and charges a premium amount to ensure collecting the contracted amounts.  It's complicated, and it is a bad system for both patients and doctors. Who is my new model best for?

  • People with no insurance.  This is a no-brainer, as the low monthly payment is far more palatable and less risky.
  • People with high-deductible insurance.  This is the same as the previous one, as for most people, high-deductible insurance is pretty much a guarantee of paying cash for most of your care (unless you are very unlikely).
  • People from far away.  If you have to drive 50 miles to come to a doctor you like, you will spend a lot of money on gas (not to mention the time spent) to go to and from the doctor.  Having a practice style which emphasizes electronic communication will cut way back on all of this.
  • People who are healthy and want to stay that way.  I will be very aggressive at trying to keep all of my patients up to date with their care plans, allowing them to have resources to keep well and keep away from care altogether.  Yes, I am trying to decrease use of health care, which is a unique position a primary care doctor can hold.

Are there more who it works for?  Perhaps people who are unable to transport easily, or those who have jobs where they can't leave work without causing lots of trouble?  Let me know what you think.