Most patients have to figure out how a practice works and adapt themselves to it.  If the phones have voicemail, they need to figure out how to get through the voicemail maze.  If patients are rescheduled after showing up late, they need to adapt to that too.  Most of these rules are put there for a good reason, but the word "good" is usually from the doctor's perspective, not the patients'.  

I want to change that.  One of the advantages of starting from the ground up in a practice style that frees me from the rules that usually constrain a practice is that I can do whatever I want.  Or, more specifically, I can do what my patients want.  I'm not saying that I won't have say in the process; I plan on giving my patients - especially those who start out with me - a huge hand in voicing their opinions of how the practice can serve them best.  I am not worried that they will turn me into their own personal "doctor slave," since most of the folks who join me are doing so because they are fond enough of me that they are willing to take a risk on my dream.  I am also not worried that there will be bad ideas that make things worse.  None of us have done this before, and sometimes the only way to figure out if something works is to try it.  If it seems reasonable, then we'll try it.  If it is a bad idea, we will abandon it and see what we can learn from the "adventure."

This will be one of the big bonuses for those bold enough to be with me from the start: you will have a hand at shaping your own health care.  The reason I am doing this is not, however, just to be a nice guy and give up my usual "power," it is to hear ideas from the other side of things.  I'll listen to any suggestion and hold regular debriefing sessions for patients to see how things are going.  How will I get suggestions?  How will I hold debriefing sessions?  How often will they be?

I don't know.  I am open to suggestions.