What it's Going to Cost

OK, I've told a bunch of folks already (and nobody punched me or fainted, which is a good sign), so I'll take this opportunity to announce the fee-schedule for my practice. The monthly fee is paid at the start of the month, giving access to care, communication tools, web content, etc.  There is no discount for paying a year in advance, it's confusing and it gives me one extra thing to keep track of, so I prefer a monthly fee.

The charges are:

  • Age 0-2: $40/month
  • 3-30: $30/month ($10/month if they are away in college)
  • 30-50 $40/month
  • 50-65 $50/month
  • 65+ $60/month

Family maximum will be $150/month

Registration fee is $50 for 0-30 years of age and $100 after that (will count as first month's payment). $200 Family maximum for registration.

I am really trying to keep it as affordable as possible, especially for families.  Registration IS NOT YET OPEN, but I promise I am getting there.