2 Weeks and Counting?

It looks like I will "officially" open my office on February 4th.  If it doesn't, expect to hear a very loud noise coming from Martinez.  It's been a very long wait to see this through, and I hope there will be no more delays.

Here are a couple of new developments to fill you in on:

  1. I hired Jamie - Jamie Franks, my nurse at Evans Medical Group for the past few years has agreed to join me in my new practice!  This is great news for both me and my patients who are following me.  She already knows my quirks (it's actually easier to keep track of the parts of me that aren't quirks), and knows my patients.  It is a great comfort to have her with me.
  2. Beginning the process - I sent out emails to people who made it to the waiting list for the practice.  Some have signed up since then, and I will work on getting back to everyone so they know they are on the list, but if you think you are on the list but didn't get a recent email, please contact me.  The next step will be to pre-register those folks at the front of the line and bring them in to gather their information.  Once this is done and the contracts are signed, then (and only then) are they "officially" my patients.  (Click here to see the details of the contract).
  3. More discounts coming - I am negotiating a deal with a local lab to get significant discounts on tests for patients who need them.  A CBC costs around $5, as does a Basic Chemistry Panel.  I plan on offering a big list of discounted tests that anyone can take advantage of if they choose.  I am also negotiating discounts with radiology services and am looking into having generic drugs I can dispense from the office at a deep discount as well.  I will do all I can to make the monthly payment a very, very good investment.