Opening Tuesday

Well, it finally is on us.  The opening day of my practice will "officially" be next Tuesday.  What does that mean?  It means that we are finally going to use patients as guinea pigs, testing what I thought would work, and seeing if I was right.  Really, the first week or two will be all about making things work well, and not about getting to see as many patients as possible.  Sorry.  We will be reaching out to people out there who have signed up already and bring them in for an initial visit in the office.

Some have questioned why I have to see them in the office for the first visit, and the truth is, I don't.  I just think it's better to actually see someone at some point in time if I am taking care of them.  If people are healthy and without problems, I am Ok with temporarily accepting them into the practice without having them physically at the office.  Still, there are a lot of things that can only be done in person, so I will eventually require your physical presence in my office.  After that, the goal is to keep you healthy and away from the office.  Sounds good?

2013-02-02 10.30.56 pm.jpg

One feature I've been working on and will continue working on is "My Health Guide," which is a guide to help my patients deal with medical problems and questions they have.  This will aways be a "work in progress," as I will always have more to write.  But as of now I have about 50 articles I've written (many of them podcasts I recorded as well) on subjects ranging from ear infections to hospice.  I also have places on that site where you can fill out information to get in touch with me about medical problems and/or questions you are having.  It's going to be a pretty neat site when all is said and done, but I just don't know when saying and doing will be finished.

So, let the fun begin this week!  I look forward to seeing some of you, and will eventually have a "grand opening" and a ribbon-cutting so you all can come and see what cool stuff we are doing (and how great the office looks...despite the enormous ramp out front).