She Rocks

I've made it to six months in the practice.  OK, it's actually seven now, but I got busy.  Things are going really well, and I am excited about changes coming soon.   

But something big happened today that I have to crow about: I got the framed version of the picture my daughter drew for me!  It's of our cat, Zander, although we just call him "cat" or "kitty."  Here he is relaxed as only cats can relax.  It's obvious that my older son Jonathan is not here, as he doesn't ever allow the cat to reach such states of relaxation.   

Anyway, Elizabeth's off at college now.  She attended the local fine arts school, and we are quite proud.  Obviously with this kind of talent, she chose the logical major in college: geology. 

Don't ask me.  She just likes rocks.  I guess it makes sense, though.  She rocks. 

Thanks, Elizabeth.