Minor Problem ("My Foot Hurts" or "My Baby is Sick")


  • Look it up online (hoping your choice of advice is right) and follow advice of someone you do not know if you should trust.
  1. Call the office, listen again to the message about calling 911, get placed on hold or leave voice message (after navigating automated attendant).
  2. Get called back by nurse who either tells you to come in for an appointment, or takes a message and sends your symptoms to the doctor.
  3. Doctor sends message back to the nurse (usually at the end of the day), either telling you what to do, or tells you to come in to the office.
  4. If told to come to the office, you then complete steps in “a typical appointment” below.


  • Log on to advice section offered by my practice, which offers you 3 options.
    1.    Something written by me about what I recommend.
    2.   A video of my advice about the symptom/problem.
    3.   A list of trusted websites that help answer your question.
  • Call the office and talk to a human being (maybe even the doctor) about what to do, who will only bring you in to the office for the parts of the encounter that can’t be done over the phone.
  • Send a message to your doctor asking a question about your foot.  The doctor will respond via electronic message (or call you) and will only bring you to the office for a brief exam (if needed). 

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