About us

Dr. Rob Lamberts has practiced in the Augusta area since 1994, offering primary care in both pediatrics and internal (adult) medicine.  In February, 2013 he left his old practice so he could focus his attention where it should be: the people who need care.  Too much time is focused on what insurance companies, drug companies, and government agencies want, and too little is given to the people needing care.

The main difference between this and most other practice is simple: we accept no money from insurance companies, electing instead to be paid by those we serve: our patients.  Our patients may or may not have insurance (we prefer that they do), but our attention is now completely focused on serving the patients, not complying with the terribly complex, confusing, and frustrating rules our country’s system has created.

Our core philosophy

  1. We work for our patients.  We do whatever we can to give the best care at the lowest cost.
  2. We believe the goal of our patients should be to avoid the health care system, not by foregoing care they need, but by staying healthy, avoiding unnecessary treatment, and fixing problems before they become big.
  3. Communication is not simply a part of health care, it is health care.  We use any tool that is reasonable to make communication easy.  This involves
  4. Listening to our patients and their concerns and answering questions, however small.
  5. Taking the time to educate people about how they can stay healthy.
  6. We do not require patients to be seen in the office to answer questions or give care.  We will, where appropriate, answer questions on the phone, via email, or whatever other means can be used to offer quality care.
  7. We would rather prevent a disease than treat one.  
  8. We will avoid any unnecessary tests, treatments, or medications.
  9. We believe medical records belong to the patient, not the doctor.  We are working to give our patients access to their medical information in a format that is truly useful and helpful to them and any others who need access to it.

The Cost:

Registration Fee (Paid once for each member).  The first month of care is included in this fee:

  • $50 For people under age 50
  • $100 For everyone else.
  • $200 Family maximum

Monthly Fee (Paid on the 1st or 15th of the month):

  • $40 For children under 3
  • $30 for ages 3-29 (Reduced to $10 for out-of-town students)
  • $40 for ages 30-49
  • $50 for ages 50-64
  • $60 for everyone else.
  • $150 Family maximum monthly fee.

There are no additional costs to people with any specific disease or who are “medically complex.”    We also do not require people to sign a long-term contract with us.  All contracts are renewed monthly when we receive the payment.

What is included in this cost:

  • Office Visits (including sickness and well-care)
  • Phone visits, electronic visits, whatever other kinds of visits work to give good care.
  • In-office tests, including EKG, Spirometry, Rapid Strep, Urinalysis, and a few others
  • Certain common blood tests, including: 
    1. Lipids (cholesterol) - up to 4/year (if needed)
    2. Hemoglobin A1c (for diabetics) - up to 4/year (if needed)
    3. Diabetes urine protein screening - up to 2/year

    Other tests are done at minimal profit wherever possible via negotiated price with a local lab.  Examples:

    1. CBC (Complete blood count) and BMP (Basic Metabolic Profile) for $4.50 each
    2. CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile) and Sedimentation Rate for $5.50 each
    3. TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) for $8.00

    Complete list of fees are available on our website or upon request.

    Since we are interested in keeping our patients happy (and paying their monthly fees), we are uncommonly focused on customer service, keeping cost down whenever possible and doing whatever we can to reduce all the hassles normally associated with health care.

    Regarding Insurance 

    We do not file any insurance, nor are we on any insurance panels.  This does not mean our patients can’t have insurance, though (we recommend that they do!).  It just means that we do not file to insurance to get paid, as we’ve already been paid by our patients.  In other words, we work for our patients, not for insurance companies or government bureaucracies.

    When insurance requires “pre-authorizations” or has a certain list of medications they cover (formulary), we will do what is needed (within reason) to get the insurance to pay for these medical services.  Additionally, for people who have insurance we will send insurance information to any consultant, lab, or other health care facility we refer our patients to so they can have their care covered appropriately.

    Being “off of the insurance grid” makes our lives much easier, but it is not the same for our patients.  We realize this, and will do what we can to keep the cost of care as low as possible.