Patients become a part of this practice by paying a monthly fee. There are no charges for other services including office visits, standard labs, and most procedures. 

The registration fee per patient is $75 and our monthly fees are based on age:

  • 0-18       $35/month
  • 19-29   $40/month
  • 30-49   $50/month
  • 50-64   $60/month
  • 65+       $70/month

Our family fee is $175/month ($150 for single parent) and this includes up to 5 family members. Additional children and out of town students are $10/month.

What Patients Get for the Monthly Fee

In addition to covering the cost of office visits, in-office labs, and office procedures, this monthly fee will give my patients:

  • Access.  They can access me via phone, secure email, or text messaging.  Since I no longer have to see them to be paid, I can handle many of their problems without requiring them to leave work or home.
  • Enhanced access to their medical records.  I send people their lab and test results.  They are your records.  I will also work with them to build and maintain an accurate health summary.  My long-term goal is to have a shared record between me and my patients
  • My attention.  I can finally make sure that my patients will be up to date on the care they should be getting.  I can also take the time to coordinate the care they get from me, from specialists, or at the hospital. 
  • Better information.  I am building a library of information so they can take better care of themselves.  I am recording videos (the speeches I’ve given in exam rooms a thousand times), writing articles, and directing them to the good information on the Internet (and hopefully away from the bad).

Specifics of Coverage

In exchange for the monthly fee, the patient gets the following at no additional cost. 

  • Office visits (wellness, acute care, disease management, sports physicals).
  • Ability to communicate with me and my staff via secure online messaging
  • Access to me and my staff via phone/text (including after-hours)
  • In-office lab testing (urinalysis, cholesterol, strep test, hemoglobin A1c, etc. Click here for a list of covered tests/procedures)
  • Coordination of care with specialists, hospitals, and other care providers
  • Discounted labs (see below)
  • Access to discounted medications (see list)

Regarding Insurance

The biggest difference between my practice and others is the monthly fee in place of insurance.  Why do this?  Here's what it enables me to give:

  • Excellent care for all, regardless of insurance.
  • Ability to answer questions and handle problems without requiring an office visit.
  • More time to spend with each patient
  • Little to no waiting for office visits.
  • Focus on what patients want: less office visits, less drugs, less testing, less visits to the hospital.
  • Freedom from burdensome documentation rules
  • Finding innovative ways to meet my patients’ needs, such as group visits, video visits, or even house calls
  • Advocating for my patients so they get the best care from other doctors and avoid unnecessary and expensive testing
  • Negotiating lower rates for labs and radiology tests for patients without insurance.

What about people who have insurance?

My fee covers only my services, not the cost of visits to specialists or many of the tests I may order. This means that insurance may stillbe needed for much of the care I may order.

All patients, regardless of insurance status, pay the same a monthly “subscription” for my care and receive the same services.  No patient is turned away because of insurance, and no one is turned down for pre-existing conditions.

What about labs, prescriptions, or x-rays?

For patients with insurance, these tests will be billed to insurance by the lab, pharmacy, or radiology provider in the usual manner.  For those without insurance Labs run in my office are included in the monthly fee, and I will work to find ways to significantly reduce the cost of tests, labs and prescriptions wherever possible.


Immunization and Price (as of April 2018 -- subject to change)

  • Pneumovax:    $95
  • Prevnar 13:     $186
  • Influenza (Flu) Low Dose (Under 65):     $24
  • Influenza (Flu) High Dose (65+):    $46
  • PPD (Tuberculosis Screening):    $10
  • Tetanus with Pertussis (TDaP):     $35
  • Tetanus without Pertussis (Td):     $20
  • Varicella:     $120
  • Zostavax (Shingles):     $215
  • Menactra (Meningitis):     $105

What about ER visits, hospitalizations, or visits to specialists?

Any other contact with the rest of the health care system will be covered as usual. I will refer patients to specialists or for procedures as appropriate, and those providers submit this to the insurance provider.