"What Medications Should I Be Taking?"


  1. Call the office, hear a message about calling 911, get placed on hold or leave voice message (after navigating automated attendant).
  2. Get called back by a nurse who goes over the list they have in their chart system, which may be inaccurate if you've:
    a.  Seen another doctor
    b.  Gone to the ER
    c.  Been in the hospital
    d.  Had the nerve to stop taking medications on your own.
  3. The doctor/office staff hasn’t reviewed your medications with you at a recent visit.
  4. Write down your list and do your best to keep track of it.


  • Log on to your personal record, which is maintained both you and your doctor, and is available online (or printed out if you want).  This list will likely be accurate, since
    a.  You can change medications on the list whenever you want (and doing so notifies your doctor)
    b.  Your doctor reviews the list regularly, even if you don’t have appointments.


  • Call our office and discuss with a human, who will look at your personal health record, correcting it if it is incorrect, giving you immediate access to the list, whenever and wherever you want.