Who We Are

 What Dr. Rob Looks like

What Dr. Rob Looks like

Dr. Rob Lamberts, MD

Head Honcho, Grand Poobah, Owner/Operator, Dreamer

 Dr Rob is a Wizard on weekends

Dr Rob is a Wizard on weekends

  • Board-certified in internal medicine
  • Board-certified in pediatrics
  • Has been in practice at a "traditional" practice in the Augusta area since 1994.
  • Residency done at Indiana University Hospitals, in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Medical school done at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, PA
  • Wears sandals much of the time
  • Computer geek (not board-certified, though)
  • Attempting to achieve maximum caffeination.
  • Plays Guitar, Bass, Cello, Piano, and Checkers.
  • Writes a blog that a lot of people read (go to more-distractible.org to read it)
  • Is responsible for the whole phone message shenanigan
  • Has a strange thing for llamas that even he doesn't understand.


The Glue, Employee #1, The Answer Girl, Dracula, The Rock

  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • Joined practice before it even opened (and kept Dr. Rob from jumping off a bridge)
  • Worked with Dr. Rob for many years in old practice (and still came to this practice!)
  • The calm one in the office
  • Maestro of phlebotomy
  • Puts up with Dr. Rob's ADHD
  • Quiet, sometimes stern, but really a softie
  • Well-Caffeinated (and proud).


The Energizer, Queen of the Phone, Happy Hannah, Spunky Susie

  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • Joined practice in 2014 when Dr. Rob and Jamie were drowning.
  • Worked with both Dr. Rob and Jamie in old practice (knew what she was getting into)
  • Perky.  Even first thing in the morning.
  • Yes, she really is that happy (usually).
  • Hums a lot.
  • Loves to help people.  Really gets a charge out of it.
  • Says things like, "will be with you in two shakes and a wiggle."
  • Trying to decaffeinate (unsuccessfully, so far).