Who We Are

Dr. Rob Lamberts, MD

Head Honcho, Grand Poobah, Owner/Operator, Dreamer

What Dr. Rob Looks like

What Dr. Rob Looks like

Dr Rob is a Wizard on weekends

Dr Rob is a Wizard on weekends

  • Board-certified in internal medicine

  • Board-certified in pediatrics

  • Has been in practice at a "traditional" practice in the Augusta area since 1994.

  • Residency done at Indiana University Hospitals, in Indianapolis, IN.

  • Medical school done at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, PA

  • Wears sandals much of the time

  • Computer geek (not board-certified, though)

  • Attempting to achieve maximum caffeination.

  • Plays Guitar, Bass, Cello, Piano, and Checkers.

  • Writes a blog that a lot of people read (go to more-distractible.org to read it)

  • Is responsible for the whole phone message shenanigan

  • Has a strange thing for llamas that even he doesn't understand.


The Glue, Employee #1, The Answer Girl, Dracula, The Rock

Jamie 2.JPG
  • Certified Medical Assistant

  • Joined practice before it even opened (and kept Dr. Rob from jumping off a bridge)

  • Worked with Dr. Rob for many years in old practice (and still came to this practice!)

  • The calm one in the office

  • Maestro of phlebotomy

  • Puts up with Dr. Rob's ADHD

  • Quiet, sometimes stern, but really a softie

  • Well-Caffeinated (and proud).


The Energizer, Queen of the Phone, Happy Hannah, Spunky Susie

  • Certified Medical Assistant

  • Joined practice in 2014 when Dr. Rob and Jamie were drowning.

  • Worked with both Dr. Rob and Jamie in old practice (knew what she was getting into)

  • Perky. Even first thing in the morning.

  • Yes, she really is that happy (usually).

  • Hums a lot.

  • Loves to help people. Really gets a charge out of it.

  • Says things like, "will be with you in two shakes and a wiggle."

  • Trying to decaffeinate (unsuccessfully, so far).

Starting January 2019, We Have 3 New Team Members

Dr Ed will be working in our office to build his own practice, with the ultimate plan to move to North Augusta. Davis and Rachel will open up their practice off of North Belair Rd in Evans

Dr. Ed Boland

  • Board Certified in Family Medicine, Preventive/Public Health, and Obesity Medicine (Brainy!)

  • Has Masters of Public Health

  • West Point Graduate

  • Has a fine taste in beer

  • Likes to SCUBA

  • Has a noisy cat

  • Not sure about caffeine status.

Davis Mellick, PA-C

Ed 2.jpeg